Friday, November 12, 2010

Tasty Chicken Breast Recipes: Cooking Tips

Chicken breasts are probably the world's most favorite meat and the reason for this is perhaps it's soft quality and adaptable nature that enables it to fit easily into numerous cooking styles. Its easy to include chicken breasts into roughly any recipe - you can grill, bake, fry or boil them without problems.

The flexible feature of chicken breast pieces allows it to be used without problems in almost all dishes - be it easy and cook or unique and complicated recipe. But you ought to understand that if you leave the skin on the chicken then it is twice as fatty and thus its advised to eradicate the skin before you start cooking. It's also a fact that lean chicken breasts are more healthy because it has lots of Vitamin E & Vitamin A besides possessing lesser cholesterol and fats.

Tips on cooking chicken breasts:
1. Chicken breasts or for the most part any meat ought to ideally be seered to a temperature of 170 degrees as this assists in eliminating any all the bacteria and maintains the chicken breasts free from food borne illness.

2. Heat and warmth spoils the chicken, so store it in the coolest zone of your fridge and this applies to both the cooked & marinated chicken.

3. Uncooked chicken should be dealt with care and you should not touch other food while you are handling uncooked chicken. As soon as you're through, wash your hands thoroughly.

4.Soft & moist chicken breast pieces taste great, but cooking them for too long could make them tough and dry.

5. If you use moist mode cooking then do so with low flame and cook for a long time.If you are sauteing, roasting, baking or grilling then do it with high flame for shorter durations.Grilling ought not be done for greater than 20 minutes and the chicken breast pieces must be constantly turned all through that interval to steer clear of burning them.

6. Let me disclose a little secret. If you like your chicken breasts extra soft and juicy then dip them in salt water solution for nearly an hour prior to cooking.

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